I am pleased to accept portrait commissions in all sizes. Bust in terra-cotta is around $3000 and bronze is $5000 and up. Portrait relief is offered in resin for hanging purpose. Price range from $2000 and up. I am able to work from photos if the subject is not available for sitting. Please contact me if you would like a lasting memory in honor of someone special.

Most of my works are custom ordered as limited editions of no more than 10. They can be cast in various mediums such as hyrdrocal (a stronger form of plaster), aqua resin (strong and heavy), resin (strongest and light), bonded bronze (resin and bronze powder) and bronze. Most pieces take one to two months for completion. Bronze takes 2-4 months depending on the piece.

Any medium except bronze can only be delivered within the NY/NJ/CT area. Delivery is free within 50 miles of NY/Westchester area. Bronze pieces can be shipped in crates domestically and internationally. Shipping charges apply.

Please contact me if you have further questions or a project in mind and I will be happy to explain further and assist you with your choice of finish according to your budget and vision.

Esther Kong Lo

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